Prepare your app for upload to the Chrome Web Store
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The address of the app you would like to upload to the Chrome Web Store.

Your app must have a 128x128px app icon.

Choose an icon file, if you already have one.

Click the Edit Icon button to edit the icon or create a new one.

Your app is ready to be uploaded!
1. Drag the ZIP file to your desktop, or click to download it.
2. Upload it from your Chrome Web Store dashboard.
Please note that in Firefox you must click (or right click) the ZIP file to download it, then change the filename extension from .part to .zip.
You can edit details below. The ZIP file will be updated automatically.
Can your app be used without connectivity? Learn more about offline at HTML5 Rocks.
Select the features of your app that need permission from the user.
Technologies required by the app or extension. Support for additional requirements checks may be added in the future. More information here.